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It isn't always easy and isn't always what you want to do. Our job, as your fitness coach and motivator, is to get you to success — one squat, one ball throw, one push-up, one step at a time!

For some, it means training for an event or getting in to skinny jeans. For others it means following the doctor's orders or reducing the risk of illness or injury. For us, always, it's re:active

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re:active is Lisa Raphael

Over 15 years of dedication to helping folks achieve their fitness goals.

Lisa Raphael had been a fitness professional for over 15 years. At the University of California, Davis, Lisa received her certification in group fitness with a specialty in water exercise. She has since taught on both the east and west coasts, presented at fitness conferences, been a guest instructor at wellness spas and on cruise ships and has earned additional specialty certificates in indoor cycling and active older adult fitness. In addition, while in San Francisco, California she was the development director and owner of GOLDEN MOTION, a fitness program for the "mature fitness enthusiast".

Currently Lisa is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in and around Manhattan. She teaches a variety of class types and trains a wide level of clients. Her fitness mission is to make fitness accessible to all and to create workouts that will make students and clients at any fitness level feel successful!

To date her fitness motto is – "The mountain is not in the way. The mountain IS the way."

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Fit Classes & Personal Training

There are many ways to workout with Lisa. She teaches group classes at a variety of New York's most popular gyms, runs several independent group fitness series and is available for individual training. Explore your options!

 Group Fitness Classes

Classes taught in Manhattan are available to all on either a membership or guest pass basis. Classes are available at the following facilities - Crunch, Equinox Fitness, Jewish Community Center, New York Health and Racquet, Sports Club Reebok and and YMCA/Westside.

 One-on-One & Small Group Training

These sessions are arranged on an individual basis. Small group sessions are available for groups of 2, 3, or 4 people.

Cancellations & No-shows:

Lisa accepts cancellations up to 5:00 AM on the day of your appointment. For cancellations that happen later than 5:00 AM on the day of our appointment, you will be charged one-half of your appointment rate. There is one allowable "no-show" without charge.


Lisa bills her clients on a monthly basis. She keeps accurate records of your workouts; however, if there is a mistake on the monthly billing, please alert her as soon as possible.


Her fees are based on a sliding scale. Each client chooses the rate that works within their budget. Her fee scale ranges from $55.00-75.00 and is based on a 1-hour workout.


Sessions can be in durations of 30 minutes to 75 minutes and are determined by each client's goals and preferences.


Her schedule is committed up to 21 days in advance. Clients may book a single session or multiple sessions over the course of a week or two. Lisa encourages clients to find a "regular" time to meet but that is not required.

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Run, jump, push, pull and lift your way through this workout made for all fitness enthusiasts!

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6:45pm - 7:30pm

Battery Park

Next Available Session:
Oct. 15 - Nov. 12

 Rock 'n' Roll Mamas

An inspiring and energizing group workout with other moms (and babes in tow). No need to schedule a sitter to attend this all-level workout. Pop the little one into the stroller and come rock 'n roll with other fitness motivated mamas!
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9:45am - 10:45am

Rockefeller Park, Tribeca (end of Chambers Street)

Next Available Session:
October 18 - November 15

 Run Camp

This 30 minute drill workout is be geared toward advanced beginner and intermediate runners. Run camp is an excellent addition to the Bootcamp program.
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Next Available Session:
TBA -- See you in September!



What Clients Are Saying

Don't take our word for it.
This is what folks are saying about Lisa and her work...

"The thing that always drew me to Lisa's fitness classes (at Crunch) was her preparation and dedication to creating tough, compelling workouts that continue to feel fresh and fun over time. She is one of the only instructors I've ever worked with that articulates long-range goals for her classes and comes in with a new workout each day. Her circuit workouts are incredibly challenging while focusing on form and safety. Her spin classes are one of the few road-specific classes out there -- an invaluable & engaging alternative to the purely pop music-driven rides. Ask any of her students: this woman never phones it in. She even brings treats on holidays. "

"The main reason I love Lisa's Bootcamp and why I am constantly raving about her class to everyone is because she never makes me feel like I can't keep up. If there is an exercise I can't do or if she sees me struggling with something, she will always be so encouraging and offer a different variation of the exercise. I think she has a calming, wonderful energy and she's funny to boot (pun intended!). I thoroughly enjoy Lisa's bootcamp and look forward to her sessions."

"I've been working with Lisa for over two years, first to address back issues, then for cardio-fitness. Lisa has customized a program to address my needs and has helped me achieve my fitness goals. She is capable, reliable and professional. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her."

"I love Lisa's Bootcamp because not only you're getting a great workout, you do not feel that you have to compete with anyone but yourself. Not only that Lisa constantly changes each workout from week to week; you're never bored because you never know what to expect from her except a consistently great workout! "


How do I start?

It's said that "the journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step." In your case, the first step is filling out the email form below. Tell us what you're interested in knowing more about or ask questions about which service might best fit with your capabilities and timeline. We'll put you on the right track!